Uhrrrr nuhrrrrr! Call Churrld Surrrrvices

child derp - 5561030656
By JonnyDCyo

No Kisses, But I Would Derp Her

couple KISS Movies and Telederp - 5064689664
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Back and Furrth

concert hair Music Stage - 4866910464
By Unknown

Ermahgerd Ert Nerver Ernds

derp Ermahgerd gersberms - 6353693696
By zizzybaloobah

Ermahgerd Overload!

animals best of week cute derp ermagherd gersberms - 6360323328
Via Ermahgerd!

taztes ... just perfect

beer derp drink drinking gross - 4146575872
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LOOL: Can't Even Laugh Right

About to Fail FAIL lol o face - 5102841344
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Hey Guys, Watch Me Durrncerpglrp

critters dance fly jump - 5051107328
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Party in the Urrrrr.S.A

best of week miley cyrus Movies and Teled Movies and Telederp Music party in the usa - 6237752576
By Unknown

X Murrrrrn

comics derp googly eyes x men - 5591773696


best of week derp goggie Harry Potter - 6280734464
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Rerk n Rerk!!!

derp Ermahgerd Music rock and roll - 6537843968
By angrywasp

How I Met Your How I Met Your Murrrther

car derp eyes girl that face - 4904592640
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OMG, Ice Cream!!!1!

Cheezburger Image 3731761664
By Unknown

We're all stars now... in the Derp Show.

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By jayjk

Huuur Duuuuur Meeowwuuuuur

animal derp - 6262306816
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