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Relationship memes are a basic tenant of meme sharing in general. There are relationship memes that single people can enjoy. There are relationship memes that are cutesy if you're into that sort of thing. There are funny relationship memes. There are relationship memes of many kinds as is the case with all things meme. 

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The Most Romantic Proposal EVER!

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Deciding to Break Up With Your Girlfriend Over Facebook Before Actually Telling Her is Never a Good Idea

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Cringey posts that were meant to be deep from social media, teenagers, love, depression, heartbreak, sadness | seven years old my teacher told most COlorful insectS were also most venomous ones and ffteen years old looked into blue eyes and realized She had been right all along. | Fake is new real and don't fit THE CLASSY PEOPLE

Exquisitely Cringey Posts That Were Meant To Be Deep

This is so sad.
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People describe the most ruthless rejections that they've ever endured. | Geotis 10y asked girl out. She said "yes" and gave her number alled reject hotline. Took while shake one off.

Most Ruthless Rejections People Have Endured

People can be real heartless.
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Do You See the Ring on My Finger?


How About You Love Her Somewhere Other Than Facebook?

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All Boyfriends Suck!


One Big Happy Family

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He Reached Out to One and Lost Both

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I've Got Bad News for You...

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Pickup Artist Manages to Get Himself Banned From His Local Mall

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Sister-in-law makes the bride cry, so she gets booted from the wedding | AITA Kicking My Sister--law Out My Wedding? So my now sister--law has been pain my now wifes' ass very long time. She is always trying one up" her every way possible have also heard lot stories where she has done some pretty messed up stuff my wife, including skinny dipping with her ex while my wife and him were still together, Lying and saying liked her first highschool) which is completely untrue just break us up, and

Sister-In-Law Makes Bride Cry, Gets Booted From Wedding

She had to go.
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Right? Right?

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Picky eater husband doesn't like that his wife makes fancy healthy food for herself and their child. | r/AmIthe. le Posted by u/Cantbethathealthy AITA making myself nice meals and not my husband? Not hole So preface by saying and my husband have vastly different tastes basically everything most part doesn't matter, but clash heavily comes food. Before met basically never ate out, drank nothing but water and unsweet tea (with occasional juice and ate mostly

Picky Eater Husband Demands Fancier Meals

Yeah man that's not happening.
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Just Another Day on Tumblr

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