If You Give a Man a Fedora, He'll Get Laid Instantly

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Cringey-Ass Dudes Who Need to Abandon Social Media

15 Cringey-Ass Dudes Who Need to Abandon Social Media

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Nice Meme Hat

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Only the Most Comfortable Attire for the Enlightened

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I'm Going to Go With Option Four: None of Them

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Sincerely, Le Edgy Gentlesir

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By Unknown

Another Fundie Rekt by My Le Superior Intellect

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"Fuel Up for Battle," They Say

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So Kawaii Desu!

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"I Forgot My Fedora, Otherwise I'd Tip You as I Drive By"

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Step Your Game Up

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The Douchebag Starter Kit

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Are You Well, M'Lady?

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Do You Dare Enter?

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