Only the Most Comfortable Attire for the Enlightened

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Superior in Every Way

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It is M'Sincere Hope That We Will M'eet Up Again Soon

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Watch Out, They're a Movement Now

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Candlelight Pancakes

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Now You Must Die!

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"Fuel Up for Battle," They Say

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Posted Without Comment

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Funny cringey photos and posts | adult man in a my little pony shirt and a pacifier in his mouth sitting in a baby crib holding a pony plushie. kid with glasses selfie: Can please take off all clothes want see angels hide their wings.

38 Cringe-Soaked Moments For Anyone Who Wants To Feel Normal

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M'Guild Decided to Meet Up

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The Douchebag Starter Kit

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I Think You Meant to Say "Sagan Bless"

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Thanks for Your Input


You'd Better Pray to Your "God" to Save You

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Nice, No Matter What

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So Kawaii Desu!

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