I Met Her on OKCupid

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Cringey pics, neckbeards, fedoras, vampires.

32 Mind-Melting Moments Of Monumental Cringe

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How Did This Neckbeard Even Breed in the First Place?

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Don't Want to Make M'Lady Uncomfortable

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very cringey pics that will make you say YIKES and then go about your day all disturbed from what you saw

40 More Cringe-Marinated Pics That'll Make You Say 'Yikes'

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Ladies Please, Contain Yourselves


Only the Most Comfortable Attire for the Enlightened

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Watch Out or He'll Still Ya Girl

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My Truths Shall Set The Chains of Ignorance Aflame

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Via Neckbeard Magnet

Out Hunting for Fundies

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Out for a Nice Dinner With M'Lady

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Awkward forever alone Video neckbeards - 62110721

J-Pop Star Meets One of Her Crazed Fans

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Now You Must Die!

Katanas neckbeards fedoras - 8330808320

Gomenasai, Fair M'aidens

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Are You Well, M'Lady?

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