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Negative, This Poster is a Meat Popsicle

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It Was Either This or Chamichamagenachingahemanchengas

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Reset the Internet, After Reading This Stupidity We Need to Start Over

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cringeworthy facebook posts that will make you doubt humanity

41 of the Cringiest Facebook Moments We've Ever Seen

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Facebook FAILs From the Morons of the Internet

20 Facebook FAILs From the Morons of the Internet

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Shoplifting and Social Media Bragging Really Don't Mix

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The Rare and Deadly Beaties Virus

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facebook fails that involved relationship and their demise

15 Examples of Why Facebook and Relationships Don't Mix

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Deciding to Break Up With Your Girlfriend Over Facebook Before Actually Telling Her is Never a Good Idea

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Missing the Point, Just in Time for the Holidays

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Neckbeard cringe posts that will make any nice guy want to try and mount his lady right then and there

26 Neckbeards Who Will Give You A Severe Case of Cringe

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As if Driving With Your Legs Wasn't Bad Enough...

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Things Just Went From Dramatic to Cringe-Worthy in This Breakup

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Yeah, Why Won't Those JERKS Have the Courage to Ask You Out?

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Funny social media posts where people missed obvious jokes | Can someone explain they got all ice through small hole Imagine being this stupid 19,419 likes This is stupidest thing ive seen more frozen water bottle | manager at our local IKEA is retiring, so sent him this cake wheres cake

Fifteen Times Sarcastic Humor Flew Right Over People's Heads

Yikes people...
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Hey Brands: Be Careful on Social Media

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