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Deciding to Break Up With Your Girlfriend Over Facebook Before Actually Telling Her is Never a Good Idea

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Neckbeard cringe posts that will make any nice guy want to try and mount his lady right then and there

26 Neckbeards Who Will Give You A Severe Case of Cringe

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Mother's Day is Ruined Forever

do you even lift gym mothers day failbook g rated - 8451235584
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50 Insane Moments That Will Make You Cringe 'Till You Cry

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Reset the Internet, After Reading This Stupidity We Need to Start Over

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Nothing About That Slogan Sounds Right

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Do You Think They'll Notice the Irony?

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Never Not Loving This

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We've Found Him, the King of the Douchebags!

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Presented Without Comment

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We Will Never Forget the Great Australian Mongol Wars

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This is Who We Are

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Shoplifting and Social Media Bragging Really Don't Mix

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Things Just Went From Dramatic to Cringe-Worthy in This Breakup

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As if Driving With Your Legs Wasn't Bad Enough...

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