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I'll Tell You, But You Have to Stop Talking Like a Victorian Douche First

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Because Reasons

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Good Night, Tyler

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"I Thought I'd Insert a Random Fact in There Just for Fun"


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Uhh, I'm Flattered?

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Funny and cringey posts about people who work for pyramid schemes | bad eye makeup instagram post made beautiful #christmaspresent look babes. news anchor turned activist my area published an email she received wonder MLM they were trying sell WasteTheirTime Amanda scrolling through FB recently and saw picture at an event wanted reach out because have program will help lose some weight and get healthy couldn't help but notice not as small as were on TV s important be better role models our child

Pyramid Scheme Posts That Showcase Grandiose Levels Of Cringe

#StopPyramidSchemes2020 anyone?
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When You Get Called Out by Your Mom on Facebook

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