Watch Out, They're a Movement Now

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HMU Gurl

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Talk to Me! I'm Such a Cool Dude!

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"Someone Was Messing With My Phone, I Swear I am Not a Model"


So Hot

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Dude, No...

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Cringey Facebook Story about entitled college student who wants Victoria's Secret clothing for free, plus delivery | wondering if could hold until after next Tuesday and could make payments love this college But said would pick up today Well wanted go out with my friends hope understand even let deliver. So I get privilege deliver after hold week and make payments 5 shirt No want whole bundle 5 dollars So let get this straight want 7 Victoria secret shirts and 3 hoodies 5. Have hold them and

Facebook Seller Encounters Entitled Cheapskate & Trolls Her To Oblivion

The entitlement is off the charts.
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Funny posts on social media written by people who were clearly lying | SpongeBob O @SpongeBob GIF Uh realize never seen SpongeBob's backyard 68 27 165 1.543 Tweeti çevir SpongeBob Facts spongbo 8dk v SPONGEBOB FACT classic episode Naughty Nautical Neighbors, SpongeBob's backyard can clearly be seen might want delete this official SpongeBob account Uh GIF 22:55 28 Eyl 19 saatinde Spredfast app 27 15 133

Bold Times People Attempted To Get Away With Blatant BS

Shoulda put a little more thought into these lies!
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Apologies if This Triggers Any of You (Not Really)

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This is What the Deepest Circle of Friendzone Hell Looks Like

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Nah, It Didn't Quite Do It for Me

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True, But Not You


Mom Made a Man Out of Me

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An Expert in French


You Get Points for Efficiency

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Wow, You're So Cool, Bro!

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