25 Facebook FAILs From the Idiots of the Internet

25 Facebook FAILs From the Idiots of the Internet

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Thanks, Mom...

forever alone parenting facebook - 8425208320

I Hate to Interrupt, But... Umm... You Spelled My Name Wrong...

facebook - 8346934784

Everybody's Running Now

Via Bing

Nah, It Didn't Quite Do It for Me

dating facebook - 8332383232

M'Lady Can't Even Take a Simple Compliment

wtf anime TMI facebook fapping - 8421890816

Something For The Ladies

gross creepy cringe facebook - 8282354944
Via Nawlinsborn 73

Whatever You Say, M'Lady

facebook rejected dating - 8218104320

In an Open Relationship With: The Entire World!

dating facebook relationships - 8249798656


divorce facebook - 8253992192

The State of Playing Video Games

facebook video games - 8222067456

"Haha Yea"

pregnancy parenting facebook - 8365449472

Attention All Girls!

facebook - 8338642944
nice guys that failed to realize how crazy they are being

10 Ridiculous Times Nice Guys Failed To Recognize Their Own Rude Insanity

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In a Quarter-Mile, Turn Right at the Secluded Motel

forever alone facebook dating - 8363143936

Oh... Uhh... My Bad...

insensitive facebook - 8405627648
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