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The Flirting Master

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Dude, Easy on the Thesaurus

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Sounds Delicious!


Nah, It Didn't Quite Do It for Me

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Funny social media posts and comments written by old people | Katie Sep. 7 at 7:55 .m 8 love my neighbour is so committed his lawn pouring rain does not stop him cutting his grass at 7:45 am on Saturday. 4 4 Comments Like Comment Send Jane 'S LITTLE DUMB HOPE HE DOESNT US AN ELECTRIC MOWER

10+ Times Senior Citizens Made the Internet a Better Place

"It's time for you to STOP sending me this crap!!"
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Wow Lady Gaga Ur So Deeep

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Something For The Ladies

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Look Out, We've Got an Internet Tough Guy Here!

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When You Get Called Out by Your Mom on Facebook

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"Need to Advertise" Myself to All the Women in Relationships

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Two Le Gentlesirs Get Into a Discussion About the Wimminz, Which Promptly Gets Interrupted by One of Their Moms

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Moms Make the World Go Round

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I Just Tied a String Around Her Finger, Count of Monte Cristo Style!

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Thanks for Your Courage in Friending Me!

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Pretty Please?

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