Dating is a tricky place. Whether it's online, blind, or a witty pick up line at the bar, the ways to start that dance are nearly endless. Unfortunately, some people still don't manage to navigate its nuances, and end up a lesson what not to do.

Jeez! Simmer Down There, Friend!

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Two Le Gentlesirs Get Into a Discussion About the Wimminz, Which Promptly Gets Interrupted by One of Their Moms

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Whatever You Say, M'Lady

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Enjoy Your Life, Kid

Via Acid Cow

This Guy Sure Knows How to Charm the Ladies

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Boyfriend judges woman for ordering immature food at a restaurant | AITA ordering immature food at fancy restaurant? Not hole went pretty nice restaurant with my boyfriend and his friends yesterday. They live out town and haven't met all them before us and four other people, all couples. My bf has known them since he teenager. They're all 7-8 years older than and all have nice full time jobs and went private school. If got an entree at place could choose 2 sides got grilled chicken and Mac

Boyfriend Judges Woman For Ordering "Immature" Food

Dude sounds wildly controlling.
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From the 'He's-Got-Game' Department

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Actually I Don't

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Girl Proposes to Her Boyfriend of 2 WEEKS, Surprisingly It Doesn't Go Over Very Well

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What Happens When a Couple Who Has Been Dating for Three Years Actually Meet Each Other in Person for the First Time?

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So You're Saying There's a Chance?

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Girlfriend spends little time on boyfriend's gift, so boyfriend gets sad. | AITA being angry about gift my gf gave Not hole So some months ago my girlfriend and had our 1 year anniversary, and course exchanged gift. She hinted she would have loved ring, nothing too crazy, and got her ring addition big frame with 12 picture one picture every month been together (yes know may sound lame lol sort minimalist and don't really have anything need so she asked if there something l'd like said whatever

Girlfriend Spends Minimal Effort On Boyfriend's Gift, Boyfriend Gets Sad

She outed herself for not being considerate.
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My Bad, Gurl

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Is There Anything More Awkward Than Watching People Get Pressured by a Kiss Cam?

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Lolololololololol 69 Amirite?

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Ay Bby, You Be Bonnie, I'll Be Clyde

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