Marv steps on a nail - still makes me cringe as an adult

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Hey Guy, You Down For Some Swordplay?

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Cute Kid

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some mouth breather facepalm memes

Mouth Breathers Making The World Passionately Facepalm In 15 Images

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Funny social media posts and comments written by old people | Katie Sep. 7 at 7:55 .m 8 love my neighbour is so committed his lawn pouring rain does not stop him cutting his grass at 7:45 am on Saturday. 4 4 Comments Like Comment Send Jane 'S LITTLE DUMB HOPE HE DOESNT US AN ELECTRIC MOWER

10+ Times Senior Citizens Made the Internet a Better Place

"It's time for you to STOP sending me this crap!!"
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A collection of the most blatantly dishonest excuses that people have encountered.

Lazy, Shameless, And Obviously Dishonest Excuses

Nobody's buying what they're trying to sell.
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The Hypocrisy is Strong With This One

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Hillary Clinton Music Video cringe fail nation - 66830337

A Political Ad So Terrible You'd Think it Was Made by People Who Hated Hillary Clinton

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Funny cringe posts from the subreddit /r/cringepics

Fifteen Cringe Posts For A Healthy Dose Of Facepalm

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A cheap musician claims that artist's rate is robbery. | saw back on scene again My band and are heading up big release and my label said they're gonna handle all promotional side things 10:14 PM but want design us few album covers choose which one like and then get our label cover costs 10:28 PM Thanks reaching out, l'd love help out with don't have any projects at moment so l'd be able get done pretty fast.

Cheap Musician Claims Artist's $35/HR Rate Is Robbery

Good luck finding anyone to get that work done.
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cringeworthy facebook posts that will make you doubt humanity

41 of the Cringiest Facebook Moments We've Ever Seen

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This cringeworthy technique is devoid of all empathy

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wtf cringe

15 Sketchy AF Sales And Services From The Cringe Underworld

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The Most Cringe-Worthy Photo on the Internet

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cringe music video funny Video - 52564225

Cringe of the Day: Tay Allyn's "Mass Text"

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flirting cringe Awkward Video - 57118977

James May of "Top Gear" in His Most Awkward Moment of Flirtation

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