Art of Trolling

your mom

Your mom is.... you can finish the sentence. Though the art may have been lost on newer generations, millenials can't forget spending an hour trying to one up their friends with a better Yo Momma joke


Pokémon twitter your mom - 7132947200
Via @AshKetchum151

F Your....HEY!!

captcha your mom - 6260431360
Created by Talysin


asl asian Omegle sexytime touché your mom - 4475162624
Created by Unknown

That's It, I'm Upgrading

gold account Yahoo Answer Fails your mom - 5274339840
Created by Unknown

Classic: Who Doesn't Like Astronomy?

your mom gifs Astronomy - 6740700160
Created by Unknown

It's All Your Fault

funbags troll dad your mom - 4825796608
Created by Moep

Every Night

awesome your mom - 4725843456
Created by Unknown
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