your mom

Your mom is.... you can finish the sentence. Though the art may have been lost on newer generations, millenials can't forget spending an hour trying to one up their friends with a better Yo Momma joke

An Oldie But A Goldie

Pic of a street corner with a sign that says the corner is available; caption reads, "Oh look, your mom quit her job"
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Cross-stitch with a picture of Pluto that says, "Dear NASA, your mom thought I was big enough. Love, Pluto"
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Funny meme about christian bale gaining weight to play your mom, your mom joke, yo mama joke.
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My Mother Died in the Puppy Mill, You Jerk!

dogs your mom - 8603677440
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Can You Suffer Burns Underwater?

Bathroom Graffiti bathrooms graffiti sharks yo momma your mom public bathrooms - 8135358720

"Don't Come Anywhere Near Here!"


Har Har Har. You Got Me, Stranger!

sharks yo momma your mom your mom jokes - 7985053184
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Lololololol U Mad Skrub?

your mom your mom jokes 420 swag yolo blaze it - 8017274112
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Shots Fired

your mom - 8425118464
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Miiverse Kids

Miiverse your mom girlfriend - 8419548672
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Online Gamers Are Making Their Presence Felt IRL

your mom gamers - 8354898176
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She Needs to Find a New Love Monkey

memes sign your mom stop funny - 8348810496
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I Bet Your Mom Was Very Hands On

blizzard credits starcraft 2 your mom - 8242593792
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"Well It's Not Like We COULDN'T Post Such a Good Pun..."

your mom - 8236599040

Zing Zing Zing Zing Zing

your mom your mom jokes - 8210142208

It's Best Never to Talk About It

your mom text funny - 8202477312
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