Art of Trolling


I Aspire to Make Great Meatloaf

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By fishyfish90

Too Often She Multiplies and Enlarges the Size of Her Body

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By brettlin
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Finally, A Book That Details What Men Really Know About Women

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Make sure there's bacon on it!

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By Unknown

At Last!

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By jc2581 (Via Amazon)


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By StrikeReality

Equality, am I Rite?

like die of heart disease
Via Sredding

It's an Innovative Kitchen

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By DK (Via

That's How He Invented Homosexuality

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By Unknown

Ever Since We Got That Foam Topper

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By Unknown

Toss In a Beer While You're at It

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By SirRofleigh (Via

Looks like he finished it...

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By IanPrime

She Probably Couldn't Decide If You Were Cute Enough

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By SGT_Star8ucks


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By NegativeCommando

No Wonder the World Sucks

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By LMFAO_nickthedick_sexykitty69_214

Feeling Like P. Diddy

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By CutThroatJim
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