Art of Trolling


Because Axe Smells Like Ass

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Created by tiny0144

Don't Forget the Dishes

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Created by mrmccloud

Looks like he finished it...

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Created by IanPrime

The Power of Jerky

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Created by BuickGirl1986

Can't Fool Us Anymore, Justine

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Via I Raff I Ruse

Silence is Golden

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Created by biznob

Or At Least Back to School

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Created by TyphonLato

It's a Trap!

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Created by likeafox

Whip Out a Salami

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Created by LeOuiOui

Use Your Strengths, Ladies

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Created by Unknown

Why They'll Never Figure Out Magnets

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Created by Iirima

Worse, Are You an Asian Woman?

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Created by Unknown


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Created by Unknown


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Created by NegativeCommando

It's an Innovative Kitchen

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Created by DK ( Via )

Make sure there's bacon on it!

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Created by Unknown
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