Art of Trolling



sign men women - 6818450688
Created by Unknown

I Have a Suggestion: Grow Up

dumb relationships sandwich women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4871904512
Created by T-Rollins ( Via )

Adventures In Meal Preparation

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Created by DarkMaverick

There's Tons of Multitasking to Do in the Kitchen!

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Created by lskira ( Via Youtube )

Only If They're Tall and Manly

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Created by Unknown

Now Do You See the Kind of Unrealistic Beauty Standards That Women Face?

beauty women trolling Now Do You See the Kind of Unrealistic Beauty Standards That Women Face?
Via Demariyus_Targaryen

Super Alone

bars forever alone super bowl women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4436112384
Created by Unknown

"...and some beers too."

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Created by MisterRossco

Just Tidying Up Behind You, Dear

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Created by LokalHero

She Probably Couldn't Decide If You Were Cute Enough

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Created by SGT_Star8ucks


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Created by Unknown

May the Mass times Acceleration be with You, Sir

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Created by Unknown

See, Women?

Bad Translator male sexism women - 7004535296
Created by CatFeeded

Women Need Refreshment Too

women news memes Women Need Refreshment Too
Via reductress

Aren't Things Usually Demonic In Reverse?

kitchen sexytimes women youtube - 5441925888
Created by koekiesbak

They Trained to Become Misogynists, Man

IRL sandwiches test women - 5175866880
Created by benjamin.campbell
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