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What Women Want

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Created by gadget593

I'm Still Hungry, Though

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Created by TheInfamousDevin

Bring a Sammich!

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Created by Unknown

Looks like he finished it...

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Created by IanPrime

Only If They're Tall and Manly

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Created by Unknown

You Run Like a Girl

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Created by Unknown

Forum Threads IRL

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Created by Unknown

Oh Snap

sometimes people don't know if they're cute or ugly
Via Zpec
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Kristen Bell Mocks the Gender Wage Gap in This Parody Video

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Trust Me, He Sees None of That

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Created by Rudolftheclown

Re-Trolled: Always an Explanation

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Created by Ctocco


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Created by Unknown

Too Often She Multiplies and Enlarges the Size of Her Body

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Created by brettlin

Not a Mental Health Issue, Just a Woman

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Created by Unknown

Worse, Are You an Asian Woman?

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Created by Unknown

Keep it Real, Ladies

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Created by pedretta
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