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Now Do You See the Kind of Unrealistic Beauty Standards That Women Face?

beauty women trolling Now Do You See the Kind of Unrealistic Beauty Standards That Women Face?
Via Demariyus_Targaryen

It's an Innovative Kitchen

golf kitchen women youtube - 5385301760

Lisa Should Not Have to Be Told

grammar sandwich women Yahoo Answer Fails - 5357940480
Created by eckert ( Via )

Next Time Your Girl Goes for a Wax, Employ This

best of week buttsecks logic Memes women youtube - 5540326656
Created by PrivateVoid

The Cannibal Titanic's License Plate?

cannibal eating IRL titanic women - 4353866240
Created by Unknown

Super Alone

bars forever alone super bowl women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4436112384
Created by Sara W

Feeling Like P. Diddy

facebook swag women - 4775788800
Created by CutThroatJim

Make sure there's bacon on it!

bacon boyfriend comeback girlfriend Hall of Fame kitchen sandwich sexism women Yahoo Answer Fails - 3458420736
Created by iamthebeekman!

Re-Trolled: Women Can't Even Spell, Apparently

kitchen spelling women - 6070283776
Created by Tedrupi

I Don't Get PMS

crying facebook feelings women - 5829463808
Created by LadyBelacqua

Bring a Sammich!

au natural women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4830412288

Why They'll Never Figure Out Magnets

gender men Mormon Chat mormons women - 4350128128
Created by Unknown

Aren't Things Usually Demonic In Reverse?

kitchen sexytimes women youtube - 5441925888
Created by koekiesbak

There's a Shortage All Around

facebook men women - 5719090944
Created by Ftballa78

Toss In a Beer While You're at It

kitchen sandwich women Yahoo Answer Fails - 5588461056
Created by SirRofleigh ( Via )

But They're so Cool!

facebook restroom women - 6206296064
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