Art of Trolling



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Created by Unknown

Mm, Squirrel Sandwiches

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Don't Forget the Dishes

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Created by mrmccloud
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Finally, A Book That Details What Men Really Know About Women

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Just Tidying Up Behind You, Dear

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Created by LokalHero

At Last!

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Created by jc2581 ( Via Amazon )

With Some Cream Mixed In

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Created by ArmadilloJr

I'm Pressing Beer But Nothing Is Happening

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Created by Unknown

Lisa Should Not Have to Be Told

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Created by eckert ( Via )

Oh Snap

sometimes people don't know if they're cute or ugly
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seriously television Video women - 19976449

Just Being a Woman

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Dry Ice Isn't a Sandwich, Ladies

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Created by Machowski

Why They'll Never Figure Out Magnets

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Created by Iirima

Much Better!

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Created by Brandola

I Don't Get PMS

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Created by LadyBelacqua

Can't Tell If Trolling or the Women Aren't Women

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Created by Unknown