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If the internet was a newspaper, Web Comics would be the funnies pages that people go for when it first shows up at their doorstep early in the morning.

"It's Just a Prank, Bro" - Sam Pepper

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Get Out While You Still Can, Toys!

toy story cradle to the grave
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a glimpse at the life of animals in some webcomics

Get a Glimpse Into Animal's Casual Daily Lives With These Hilarious Comics

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The Great Vape off Kanagawa

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How to Chemistry Like a Pro

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"Apology" Cards

school comics web comics - 8452862464
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via SMBC )

Three Kinds of People

web comics optimism pessimism Three Kinds of People
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Social Media in a Nutshell

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Prank of the Year

skeleton pranks web comics - 8815616768
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