Art of Trolling


A Little More Wont Hurt

IRL ride splash mountain water - 4839050752
Via Brown Cardigan

Why You Little...

dads water parenting - 7533572352
By Unknown

Mad Yet?

headache colors water - 7734688000
By Unknown
amazing IRL Video water - 15128065

IRL Troll: Amazing Water Trick

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It's So Sleek and Shiny

bowl dogs IRL water wtf - 5044379904
By Ljshowers

I Liked the First Movie Better

cup IRL movies television water - 4530798336

4 Elements

chips potato chips elements water fire air earth - 7500371712
By Unknown

Git Gud, Skrub


Aquard Man

fish Mormon Chat puns water - 4273308416
By Unknown

We Have Ice Cold, Red Hot, Tepid

bath IRL water wtf - 6532122880
By Unknown

Oh the puns, oh the puns.

puns water youtube - 6254932224
By TwinkleMan
fake and gray gum IRL Video water - 17232129

Gum + Water = Instant Freeze

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The Tosser Disease

soda troll science water - 6124555520
Via Fake Science

Look Out! Dihydrogen Monoxide!

molecules wet floor water - 8135357440
water trolltube Video - 73435137

This Just Your Regular Tap Water, This is ADVANCED Tap Water!

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There's Something in the Water

Chemistry water failbook - 7006934784
By Natalie