Art of Trolling


You've Got Me There


We Have Ice Cold, Red Hot, Tepid

bath IRL water wtf - 6532122880
Created by Unknown

Classic: Needs Fertilizer

grow virginity water Yahoo Answer Fails - 5400654592
Created by xJustforlaughSx

4 Elements

chips potato chips elements water fire air earth - 7500371712
Created by Unknown

Without It, You DIE!

water dihydrogen monoxide - 8349911552

How to flip a glass of water

gif water - 7509964544
Created by SatevisM
cooking water Video - 80353793

Oh Good, Someone Finally Made Water Palatable by Deep Frying It

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Need a Drink?

drinks gifs water - 7742766336
Created by Unknown

Look Out! Dihydrogen Monoxide!

molecules wet floor water - 8135357440

Too Much Dihydrogen Monoxide and You'll Die

fishing water dihydrogen monoxide - 7638550272
Created by Unknown

I Don't Even...

cooking water - 4763246592

Trucker Troll

water troll truck motorcycle - 6837928192
Created by freshbru
water puns DIY Video - 83255041

How to Make Holy Water

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amazing IRL Video water - 15128065

IRL Troll: Amazing Water Trick

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What Is This, Cabin Fever?

Death fact water - 6434268928
Created by PetePete

You are on this site and I am on this site so technically I am you lol

facebook turtles water - 4497391616
Created by Erika
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