Art of Trolling


Too Much Dihydrogen Monoxide and You'll Die

water dihydrogen monoxide - 8109798144
By Unknown
amazing IRL Video water - 15128065

IRL Troll: Amazing Water Trick

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I Don't Even...

cooking water - 4763246592

There's Water on the Floor Everywhere!

water wet floor water bottles - 7353979136
By Unknown

How to flip a glass of water

gif water - 7509964544
By SatevisM

I Think There's Another Name for That

IRL sign water - 5530729216
By Slayd7

The Tosser Disease

soda troll science water - 6124555520
Via Fake Science

You Found Mah Bukkit?!!

freezer ice pedobear walrus water Yahoo Answer Fails - 4492537344

Elevators Are Extremely Flammable

elevators fire sign water - 5598944256
By LOLdogexpert

A Little More Wont Hurt

IRL ride splash mountain water - 4839050752
Via Brown Cardigan

Is It a Prank? Probably...

water prank image - 8816742912
Via MegatronTheDecepticon


frozen ice IRL pun test water - 4356934912
By Unknown

Forecast: Showers...

splash water - 7957680384
By Unknown

It's All Right...

eminem rihanna water Yahoo Answer Fails - 4249702656
By Unknown


wet floor water - 8020504832
By Unknown

That's a Great Idea

drink bad idea water - 6843141120
By Unknown
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