Art of Trolling

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zombie video games Video - 73705985

Turns Out the Most Realistic FPS Zombie Game is on Chatroulette

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The Excuse Is a Lie

class Portal professor smart video games - 4679260160
By Unknown

Haunts Your Dreams

chaos IRL video games - 4044653056
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parody video games Video - 80099329

Every Video Game Trailer

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parody video games Video - 81875969

If Video Games Were More Realistic

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final fantasy Video Game Coverage trolling mods video games - 82527233

Diabolical Mod Replaces Almost All the Audio in Final Fantasy X with Tidus' Horribly Forced Laugh

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Oregon Trail Strikes Back

IRL los angeles oregon trail street video games - 4584962560
By OUmedSooner
video games counter strike Video - 64646145

This is Perhaps the Best Ninja-Defuse Ever in Counter-Strike

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I Hope He Rage Quits You

cheating relationships video games Yahoo Answer Fails - 5179343616
By websterroc

That Moment When Your Friend 'Tries' to Return Skyrim: Legendary Edition...

Via KrissiKatastrophe
blanka trolling videos Street fighter video games - 56248833

One Small Step for Blanka, One Huge Leap for Trolls

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Whoa, I Was Not Looking for a Dose of Too Real With My Jokes Today

funny memes consoles sorry about your parents divorce
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Portal video games - 4707114752
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Come on Mark, Can't We Work This Out?

banned video games xbox - 6043378432
By rasta_emprie420

Doesn't Starcraft 3 Come Out Today?

best of week mass effect misquotes video games - 5921405184
By J_A_C_K