Vegans are people that practice abstaining from the use of animal products. It it not just diet related but also can be done by avoiding animal-derived materials in everyday clothing, supplies and products tested on animals. 


PETA Rallies Against 'Anti-Animal Language,' Gets Royally Trolled On Twitter

It's no secret that people love to hate on PETA, but today that pastime is more popular than ever. The hardcore animal rights association took to Twitter yesterday to fight against what they call "anti-animal language" - and provided a handy chart on how to substitute ancient aphorisms with more animal-friendly terminology. The chart, as you can imagine, is wholly ridiculous. 

Twitter users were quick to jump on PETA for suggestions like "Feed two birds with one scone" in lieu of "Kill two birds with one stone." Their trolling attempts have been ridiculously entertaining. We've included some of our favorite tweets, but for even more fun you can peruse the thread here.

Funny trolling of PETA post on anti-animal language.
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