Art of Trolling


Problem, Teacher?

homework school teacher problems math - 7153195776
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You Just Lost More Than the Game

IRL paper teacher the game - 5369062656
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Write It Faster for Me, Baby

chalkboard Omegle roleplay spymode student teacher - 5076390144
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Teaching a Lesson

Omegle teacher - 7076921600
Created by kikinak

this is going to be hard to explain

Grumpy Cat school teacher grades failbook g rated - 7150570752
Created by EpicWin00

Obviously Not

your grammar nazi school teacher - 7029391360
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Some Teacher is Having a Bad Monday

horrible IRL teacher bad day - 6814535936
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Yahoo Answers Paranoia You Submitted This From a School Computer?!

Funny Yahoo Answers post of someone asking about what to do that she is sleeping with her teacher, and a response from someone joking that he is the teacher.
Created by stasiox

So My Teacher Let Me Use His Computer

teacher troll computer - 6673136640
Created by Unknown

There's no Hope for the Next Generation

your school teacher facebook - 7040182272
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Teacher Pranks Student With a Less Than Adequate Letter of Recommendation

teacher school prank Teacher Pranks Student With a Less Than Adequate Letter of Recommendation
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Teacher Butter

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Seems Like a Fair Trade

homework school note teacher - 6948604416
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The Answer, My Teacher, Is Blowing in the Wind

answers school teacher bob dylan - 7031150336
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Teacher Trolls

school background teacher - 7037922304
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Teachers Are Harsh Users of Memes

at least they know what memes are, I suppose.
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