Art of Trolling


Troll Dad

dad excuse IRL note school teacher - 4691222016
By DeathDerp

Seems Like a Fair Trade

homework school note teacher - 6948604416
By Unknown

Didn't See That Coming

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The Answer, My Teacher, Is Blowing in the Wind

answers school teacher bob dylan - 7031150336
By Unknown

Teaching a Lesson

Omegle teacher - 7076921600
By kikinak

Write It Faster for Me, Baby

chalkboard Omegle roleplay spymode student teacher - 5076390144
By Unknown

I Feel a Battle Coming On

cheating homework poem teacher win Yahoo Answer Fails - 4861922560
By Deep Red

Teachers Are Harsh Users of Memes

at least they know what memes are, I suppose.
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So My Teacher Let Me Use His Computer

teacher troll computer - 6673136640
By Unknown

this is going to be hard to explain

Grumpy Cat school teacher grades failbook g rated - 7150570752
By EpicWin00
cheating studying teacher Video - 33347329

This Really Works!

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This Liquor Store Knows Exactly When School Starts

school work drinking This Liquor Store Knows Exactly When School Starts
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trolltube teacher pranks Video - 67403521

Want to Prank Your Teacher? Pull Off This Drawn Cat Prank

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You Just Lost More Than the Game

IRL paper teacher the game - 5369062656
By Unknown

I Hope You Brought Enough for Everyone!

school teacher - 6938045440
By savannamia

Teacher Butter

Via oomshi
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