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star wars

Star Wars, history's greatest science fiction series, and a timeless classic with enough Jar Jar quotes to wish you could forget. Enjoy the best puns and jokes from a Galaxy Far Far Away and take your humor interstellar.

He Died for Our Sins

jesus obi-wan kenobi star wars jesus christ - 8365270016

Star Wrek

combo breaker facebook quotes Star Trek star wars - 6422359296
By sammiwho

Mark Hamill: Master of the Force, Dad Jokes, and Twitter Trolling

mark hamill twitter dad joke
Via HamillHimself
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BB-8 Wouldn't Sound So Cute With a Windows Operating System

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star wars the force prank - 76301313

This Prankster's Jedi Mind Tricks Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

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This is why we cant have nice things

Harry Potter star wars Lord of the Rings gandalf Hogwarts Jedi - 7385356032
By cory.mccoy2
star wars prank Video - 84306433

Surprised People Get to Fight Kylo Ren in a Parking Garage When This Prank Brings Star Wars Into the Real World

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Cracked's Jordan Breeding and Joey Cathey duke it out over if Darth Vader is really that great a warrior, with some important points to consider.

Darth Vader Sucks, Here's Why

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Check out the Pyrotechnics in This Homemade Remax of the Rogue One Trailer

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An All-Too-Familiar Story

star wars failbook g rated - 7379020288
By Hodgebaba

ALL the Spoliers

star wars spoilers Movie facebook - 7050444288
By HeartOfWolves

Best SciFi Series Ever Produced

star wars fandom Star Trek - 6763088128
By PetePete

What's She Complaining About?

contest IRL star wars toyota - 6195350016
By Unknown

This is Not the Prof You're Looking For

wtf star wars IRL truancy story - 6716141568
By Unknown
star wars cover coffee Video - 84064001

Enjoy This Glorious Cover of the 'Imperial March' Played on a Coffee Stirrer

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star wars Video - 65731073

Polish Your Nerd Cred With This Guide to the Races of Star Wars

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