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Social Media in a Nutshell

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A collection of tweets describing Twitter users' worst dates they've ever been on | Conor Horgan @ConorHorgan Replying mrnickharvey very first thing she did on sitting down take out small glass bottle and started spooning syrupy liquid into her mouth Homeopathy lasked, heart sinking No powerful sedative-hypnotic drug she replied If don't take l'd be hysterical right now.

Twitter Users' Worst Dates Ever

Just plain bad.
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Megatron Has the Perfect Response to Selfies and Social Media

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Facebook scammer gets trolled by a guy's friend after hacking his Facebook.

Guy Trolls Stupid Facebook Hacker In Merciless Fashion

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Facebook trolls Brendan Sullivan and Robert Graves

16 Times Brendan Sullivan And Robert Graves' Facebook Trolling Game Was A 5/7

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Remember That Sanctimonious Anti-Social Media Video "Look Up"? Here's the Perfect Response to it.

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Jack Vale Makes Everyone's Worst Social Media Nightmare Come True

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Tired of Dudes Asking for Nudes? Throw Them Off the Scent With a Photo of a Loading Photo

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Well Played

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