Art of Trolling


You must be on a quest if you've come to search here. Searching for the search is a arduous task full of danger and glory, and also maybe even a backspace or two. Google provides us with endless fill in the blanks that are truly hysterical and sometimes mildly disturbing. So if you like to see how ridiculous search engines can get, you won't be disappointed.

He Just Crashes Right Through

auto complete dinosaur google jesus search - 5815821568
Created by Unknown

Why, Germany, Why?

Germany google search wtf - 6334089472
Created by Unknown

Trolling Grandma: Be Careful What You Search For

search - 4427449856
Created by Unknown

Can't Tell If Trolling or I Should Move to the Moon

auto complete google search wtf - 5174450944
Created by stadgroningen


girl horny Omegle reward search - 3384578304
Created by Unknown

Sure, But Can You Rebake One?

baking cake google search - 6547344896
Created by Unknown

Can't Fool Us Anymore, Justine

justin bieber search women - 4969706496
Via I Raff I Ruse

Not Again

best of week google problem search the game - 5164310528
Created by TH0UGHTP0LICE

They're Totally Synonymous

google guido images search - 4915783168
Created by CardboardBox ( Via )

You Know, Now I'm Curious

google hedgehog search wtf - 5742097920

Cutting Out the Middle Man

art of trolling memebase mormon moron search - 4333397760
Created by fsngnshiekfan ( Via )

Carl Is Very Precise

google llama search - 5863615232
Created by sirtrololo

Placement is Critical

autocomplete google How To search suggestions - 5974390272
Created by Memerol

At Least It Isn't Throwing Cocounts

google search suggestions velociraptor - 5527377152
Created by Unknown

Classic: How Many Nipples Do You NEED?

google i dont want to live on this planet search - 5168343552
Created by Suckurz

The Season is Upon Us

mariah carey christmas search The Season is Upon Us
Via @ZachACole