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Boyfriend judges woman for ordering immature food at a restaurant | AITA ordering immature food at fancy restaurant? Not hole went pretty nice restaurant with my boyfriend and his friends yesterday. They live out town and haven't met all them before us and four other people, all couples. My bf has known them since he teenager. They're all 7-8 years older than and all have nice full time jobs and went private school. If got an entree at place could choose 2 sides got grilled chicken and Mac

Boyfriend Judges Woman For Ordering "Immature" Food

Dude sounds wildly controlling.
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So Rude!

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Better Start Saving Up

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Slim Pickins

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What? I Can Barely Hear You!

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Please Stop Leaving Passive Aggressive Signs On the Door

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Oh, I'm Offended!

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The Camped and the Furious

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This Classic, Immature Prank Had People on the Street Saying Rude Things

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Bakery Workers are Getting Tired of Your Bad Jokes

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