Art of Trolling


Rise and Shine

classroom IRL lecture rude sleep - 4704071936
By bolanzo14

Tuna Rolled

IRL rude windows - 4721764096
By Unknown

Slim Pickins

Cleverbot crushes friends legs puns rude ugly - 4522342400
By Unknown

So Rude!

Bad Translator rude - 7497661440
By Unknown

How Inspiring

IRL rude run - 4805683712
Via The High Definite
rude and disrespectful houseguests | gen3stang My cousin punched my wall. Left hole and started laughing he got his first house went over and punched hole right wall waited 11 years do .

Amazingly Disrespectful Things Done By Houseguests

How hard is it to be decent?
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Bakery Workers are Getting Tired of Your Bad Jokes

cake birthday rude - 8759049728
By Unknown

Mormon Voodo

magnets Mormon Chat mormons rude - 4562857984
By BILLYjoe91

But If You Want to Show Me Both, I Won't Complain

Cats rude that sounds naughty youtube - 6437949696
By littledevil9
prank rude Video - 80620033

This Classic, Immature Prank Had People on the Street Saying Rude Things

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Cleverbot Doesn't Care

apathy Cleverbot Japan rude too soon Tsunami - 4545839360
By Unknown
scared relationships prank rude Video dating - 76572417

Watch This Girl Scare Her Girlfriend for an Entire Year

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Perhaps You Need to Invest In Better Toilets

poop rude toilets - 4747259904
By mcralex
best of week fries IRL rude seagull Video wtf - 25814017

Just Wait Until You Get Out of the Car

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Size Doesn't Matter

bing rude - 5526500096
By RCC2k10

Better Start Saving Up

divorce facebook marriage relationship rude - 4570425600
By cirri
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