Art of Trolling

rick roll

Cleverbot Lies

Portal rick roll - 4246094336
By Unknown


Cleverbot rick astley rick roll - 3748904704
By Unknown

Bet You Can't Name Them All

rick roll quiz rick astley classic - 6906374912
By PrincessWordplay

Mormons are Getting Violent...

Mormon Chat rick roll wtf - 4359631872
By frolic_1917

It Plays His New Song

Bieber rick roll Yahoo Answer Fails - 4527673600
By Lawson

Some people have strange feelings for Rick

eww rick roll - 3575739904
By Unknown

Never Gonna Live Through Class

alarm phone rick roll - 5324544000
By Mortalis

God = Rick Astley?!

facebook god quotes rick roll - 4746275328
By nightowl3090

Even In the Word Search

rick astley rick roll word search - 5260442112
By SamiAutumn93

Never Gonna Run Around and Dessert You

dessert puns rick roll - 6581491712
By Unknown

He Does a Decent Body Roll

faptimes rick roll youtube - 5780849408

Mormons Are the Best Counter-Troll

Pokémon mormon rick roll magnets - 7054190592
By Unknown

I Never Meant to Tell a Lie and Hurt You

classic Omegle oops rick roll - 4460505856
By Unknown

Can't Tell If He Should Pass or Fail

assignment IRL Memes paper rick roll truancy story - 5798772224
By ColeBerg74

Never Gonna Play That Song

IRL magnets never gonna give you up request rick roll - 4982101248

Well Played, Stranger.

Omegle omg rick roll tldr - 4580662528
By Unknown