Art of Trolling

rick roll

You Know the Joke and So Do I

facebook hotline rick roll - 5831407104
Created by ramonramos88

Rick's Favorite Movie

up Movie rick roll facebook rick astley - 6935048448
Created by Unknown

Trolled By Slacker Radio

Music radio rick roll skip - 6578637056
Created by Joel

Maybe You Should Go to My Little Brony

AoT memebase rick roll win - 5387345152
Created by TheGent

I Walk Along the Avenue

IRL rick roll sign - 5206563328
Created by Flem

More Than Twelve Percent of the World Is New Enough to Get Rick Rolled

facebook rick roll - 5703515648
Created by FirstTimerDude

No One's Going to Click That!

lemon party rick roll shock sites - 5098057216
Created by microcozm

Rick Roll

car IRL license plate rick roll - 4488198656
Created by Unknown

Never Gonna Unpack Those

boxes IRL lyrics rick roll - 5279985408
Created by hog71

Runs Around in the Family

mormons religion rick roll zayne - 4236161280
Created by Unknown

Cleverbot Lies

Portal rick roll - 4246094336
Created by Unknown

Epic Playlist

Music never gonna give you up rick roll - 4623162368
Created by Unknown

Never Gonna Understand

gay Omegle rick roll - 4278446848
Created by Cattzs

Two Trolls, One Status

facebook history rick roll status - 4364232448
Created by Unknown

Nash Rolled

hockey IRL rick roll - 4570809344
Created by Unknown

Rick Toilet Roll'd

pun rick roll toilet paper - 6941635328
Created by Unknown
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