Art of Trolling


Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

I See What You Did There

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maxmoefoe Pokémon prank call puns Video - 38938881

This Isn't a Quick Attack

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Waiting So Long Would Have Been Violinfuriating

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Bummed Out

farts puns butts - 7586769408
By AndyBrind

No But Rly Tho

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I'd Try a Durplex

condoms durex puns sexytime Yahoo Answer Fails - 4460732416
By Unknown

A Long Distance Pun

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Queen of the Elements!

freddie mercury puns science - 6740681472
By Unknown

The Power of Jerky

autofellatio facebook lady fun bags metaphors puns sexytime women - 4460563712
By BuickGirl1986
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Breaking News

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Beer Before Licker, Never Been Sicker

licker and whine pet market
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Wow, No Need to Be So Graphic

image poop graph Wow, No Need to Be So Graphic
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theories on what made the dinosaurs go extinct with a pun about the rapture

Twitter Theorizes Why the Dinosaurs Really Went Extinct

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Nintendo Oui

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This Is Actually a Tag for a Calzone, so It's Fine

pizza name tag puns This Is Actually a Tag for a Calzone, so It's Fine
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