Art of Trolling


Problem, Sore Losers?

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Created by Tom60062 ( Via Whitehouse Petitions )

Now We Just Need to Put Babies Up for Re-Election...

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Created by Unknown

Mission Accomplished

Via Pleated-Jeans
Game of Thrones parody Video politics - 81828609

Game of Thrones Is the Third Political Party You Can Count on This Election Year

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parody Hillary Clinton Video politics - 82787329

"Chillary" Clinton Just Wants to Reach the Young People by Any Means Necessary

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Bumper Sticker Pranks on My Super Liberal Girlfriend

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Via DrunkPizza

Sometimes You Just Want to Watch Things Fall

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Created by Unknown

Undercover Photographer Troll

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Created by PhilbySydney ( Via Huffington Post )

Is That Charlie?

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Created by nlanders27
jimmy kimmel donald trump martin luther king jr Video politics - 77618177

Jimmy Kimmel Convinced Dumb Americans That Martin Luther King Jr Endorsed Donald Trump

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You Say Po-TAY-to, I Say Po-TAH-to

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Created by partygnome
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Here Comes Kaine!

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lgbtq gay marriage politics - 431877

This Seethingly Homophobic Congressman From Idaho Forgot to Renew His Website, So It Was Scooped Up and Turned Into a Resource for LGBT Youth

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I Stand With Bill

bill always chose someone other than hillary
Via KaZyKa
parody Video politics - 82918145

The First Presidential Debate Got a Bad Lip Reading

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The Twitter for 'House of Cards' Just Trolled British Prime Minister David Cameron

twitter panama politics The Twitter for 'House of Cards' Just Trolled British Prime Minister David Cameron
Via @HouseofCards