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Is She Promising That We All Have to Wear Black?

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Filled to the Brim

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The Most Fair and Balanced Party

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Great Idea on Paper, Unless That Paper is Your Property

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Anything to Be Able to Say It's Not Her Fault When the Results Are In

image politics obituary Anything to Be Able to Say It's Not Her Fault When the Results Are In
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Anything But, Please

idk not trump tho
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Finally, a Candidate We Can Endorse

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When You Realize the People Around You Are Trump Supporters

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Finally Obama Gets Some Unnecessary Presidential Censorship For Us to Enjoy

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Twitter Trolls a British Politician the Minute He Returns to Twitter After a Social Media Hiatus

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Stephen Colbert Has Some Brilliant Ideas for New Shows on the Trump TV Network

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Australia Around Christmas Time Sure Is... Different

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Pitbullocracy Doesn't Sound so Bad

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Have You Come Down With a Case of Donald Trump Lately?

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