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So, There's a Presidential Candidate Named "Deez Nuts" Who Has 9 Percent of the Vote in North Carolina So Far

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Game of Thrones Is the Third Political Party You Can Count on This Election Year

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Asking the Tough Questions

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A Compelling Argument From Bill

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This Seethingly Homophobic Congressman From Idaho Forgot to Renew His Website, So It Was Scooped Up and Turned Into a Resource for LGBT Youth

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Bumper Sticker Pranks on My Super Liberal Girlfriend

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Samantha Bee Put All the Clips of Her Creative Trump Insults Into One Video Thesaurus

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When You Realize the People Around You Are Trump Supporters

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Are We Forgetting About Monica Lewinksy?

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Sometimes You Just Want to Watch Things Fall

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The People of Alaska Have Made Their Voices Heard; They Want to Elect the Hottest Candidate in 2016

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Amurrika the Burrtiful

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SNL Didn't Have to Change Much to Parody the Most Recent Presidential Debate

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Going for That All-Important 12-14 Demographic

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Anything But, Please

idk not trump tho
Via idknottrumptho
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