Art of Trolling


Election Troll

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By Franklin P. Cooperider
jimmy kimmel FAIL trolling donald trump Video politics - 83618305

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Team Troll the Streets Convincing People The White House is Due For Renovations

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Anything But, Please

idk not trump tho
Via idknottrumptho

I Can Has Lols?

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By Unknown
FAIL donald trump Video politics hitler - 78571777

These Voters Might Be Ready to Dump Trump and Pledge Support for... Hitler?

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A Compelling Argument From Bill

political memes bill chose other women over hillary

Can't Wait for His New Zombie Game

Romney halo video games politics - 6743529472
By Otakuman

Back to Normal

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By TuckerBentley
donald trump mask memes

Donald Trump and His Mask Got a Huge Reaction From Twitter

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stephen colbert parody Video politics - 81748481

This Is Why They Didn't Invite Stephen Colbert to Sing That Acapella "Fight Song" for Hillary Clinton

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Rick Flair is the PERFECT Running Mate for Waka Flocka

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parody Hillary Clinton Video politics - 82787329

"Chillary" Clinton Just Wants to Reach the Young People by Any Means Necessary

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Amercia's Choice

IRL obama politics Romney - 6296811776
By canyoncliffs
stephen colbert list donald trump Video politics - 1049605

Everyone Seems to Have Their Own Take on Melania Trump's Interview With Anderson Cooper

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donald trump Video politics - 83167745

When You Realize the People Around You Are Trump Supporters

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Is it true?

obama politics 2012 - 6635309056
By omfgwtfwtf
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