Art of Trolling


Hey wanna join the Pen-15 club? Now that we've got that schoolyard shenanigans (penis) out of the way, if you're looking to laugh at everything and anything phallic or having to do with it, don't go anywhere.

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Downstairs Mix-Up

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Created by Skordy

Simming Pool

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Created by Unknown

Ph.D in What Though

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Created by mkallday
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This Guy's Prank Call to a Dong Enhancement Pill Company is Delightfully Childish

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The Manliest Challenge

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Created by Tomasho

It Was Hard to Swallow

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Created by CaptainBart

So it is.

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Created by Sleep-and-Weep

How big is to big

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Created by sibley

Let This Be a Warming To All D*cks That Won't Pay Their Landscapers

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Via Travorisnobody

I Have Bad News

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Created by Unknown

German girls are kinky!

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Created by lOsTfReAk

Stiff Competition

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Created by Superalex812
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