Art of Trolling


When the Moon hit's your eye like a big pizza pie you're blind Copernicus you got hit by a celestial body the size of Australia right in the face. 

C'mon Kids, We're Going on an Adventure!

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That's No Moon!

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How to Win at Omegle

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Mexico, We Have a Problem

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Lunar Apocalypse

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Won't See That For Another 75 Years, at Least!

image super moon Won't See That For Another 75 Years, at Least!
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Why it cries

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Not Green for our Earth, But our Universe

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Is That a Tortilla?

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Troll Moon

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The Internet Simply Refuses to Take the Supermoon Seriously

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IRL Troll: One Giant Putt for Mankind

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Scientifically Boring Status

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One Giant Leap for Mankind

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The Photoshops of This Amazing Photo of the Earth and Moon Just Proves That the Internet Can Ruin Anything

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