Art of Trolling

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The Manager is Such a Spoilsport

monday thru friday name tag pizza g rated - 8274752512
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Sometimes It Gets Messy

monday thru friday sign dentist if you know what i mean g rated - 8403362048
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When This British Cafe Got a 1-Star Review They Reacted Brilliantly

win British cafe responds to 1 star review with clever chalkboard sign
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And Now I Sit Upon the Plastic Throne

Game of Thrones office pranks keyboards monday thru friday g rated - 7862006784
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Is Sugar a Vitamin?

monday thru friday - 6792882176
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How to Achieve Maximum Annoyance With Minimum Effort

annoying monday thru friday trolling ocd g rated - 8323465728
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For a LEGO Fan, This is Less of a Prank and More of a "Welcome Back" Present

monday thru friday lego prank cubicle g rated - 8278829056
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If You Do Something Well, Never Do it For Free

craigslist monday thru friday restaurant work musicians g rated - 8143360256
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Plus Our Bread Doesn't Taste Like Cardboard!

Subway spelling monday thru friday g rated - 7874566400
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"Oh Mah God Do I Try!"

he man monday thru friday g rated - 7765678336
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Very Funny, Guys

monday thru friday tech support work nicolas cage prank mouse - 8152063744
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Fox News Website Defaced, Network Calls It an "Internal Production Problem"

fox news hacked monday thru friday g rated - 7887483136
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So... Uhh... Why is "Free" in Quotation Marks?

free quotes g rated monday thru friday - 7966408704
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Some Twitter Handles Shouldn't Make It to Live TV

twitter live news monday thru friday - 7610551552
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Protip: Keep an Urn and Say It's Full of Ashes

driving excuse monday thru friday office supplies g rated - 8248878848
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The Illusion of Choice

monday thru friday g rated - 6870691328
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