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Canadian Car Dealership Owner Gets Robbed, Creates a Radio Commercial to Drive His Robbers Insane With Anxiety

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What a Prague-gressive Attitude!

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So... Uhh... Why is "Free" in Quotation Marks?

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To the Designer of This Soap Dispenser: I Salute You

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Would Anyone at Your Office Fall For This?

monday thru friday hand sanitizer fire alarm prank g rated - 8440262912
Via Dump a Day

Sticking It to Your Boss the Right Way

bosses work monday thru friday g rated - 7775352064
Created by nesimarie

How to Achieve Maximum Annoyance With Minimum Effort

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What a Deal

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This is Almost Too Evil...

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Some Twitter Handles Shouldn't Make It to Live TV

twitter live news monday thru friday - 7610551552
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For a LEGO Fan, This is Less of a Prank and More of a "Welcome Back" Present

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Is Sugar a Vitamin?

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Be On the Lookout for an Escaped Lion in Your Neighborhood!

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But the Science! It Calls to Me!

science g rated monday thru friday - 7934540544
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Maybe Bananas Aren't the Snack For You

monday thru friday photobomb news banana bbc g rated - 8406191872
Via @mikewhills

Let Potential Customers Know Where They Stand

monday thru friday packaging slogan g rated - 8336394752
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