Art of Trolling


That's so metal. All the hard rocking memes and jokes to keep your head banging the day away. Also plenty of stuff about the shiny material, that too.

So Close I Could Feel It

metal - 6804790784
By Unknown

Acid What U Did There

pun metal truancy story - 6700680192
By Unknown

Forever Darkthrone...

metal forever alone - 5864507648
By TeamLouie

Picking Up Metal Bands From the Airport Isn't Easy

metal airports metal bands - 8189864448

We Have the Trve Kvlt Riffs! We Can Rebuild It!

metal Music twin towers youtube - 6448201472
By LOLdogexpert

Party Cannon Don't Give No F**ks


The Challenge of Picking Up Metal Bands From the Airport

metal Music metal bands black metal bands - 8350921984
metal Music trolltube - 64076289

Metal Isn't Appropriate for a Lot of Places

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metal cult worship Video - 59410433

Caged Worship

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metal abortion satan black metal - 8381604864

He's Not Wrong

Chemistry metal obvious wood Yahoo Answer Fails - 4576561664
By Da_Erikz

The Challenge of Picking Up Metal Bands From the Airport

bands black metal metal Music metal bands - 8083831040
By Unknown


gold lick metal - 3476816128
By Unknown

Cardboard Trolls

metal Omegle cardboard - 4252491520
By Unknown

God's Will Be Trolled

bar jokes metal Mormon Chat - 4272194048
By Unknown

Good Luck...

metal Music captcha recaptcha black metal - 7958239488
By Unknown
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