Art of Trolling


McDonalds, America's favorite fast food joint. If you are a Ronald fan, you won't leave disappointed.

bride China McDonald's troll wedding - 1341701

Fast Food, Fast Life: Groomsmen Troll Bride and Dress Up as McDonald's Food for an Absurd Wedding Procession

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Aliens McDonald's - 6618779648
By miawmiaw24

Shots Fired

burger king McDonald's - 7950108416
By Unknown

Your Move, Subway

McDonald's Subway - 8262350592

Step 1: Make Fake Profile "Mc Donald's"

McDonald's fast food - 7368715264
By Grimsby Troll

iCan Not Lie

text McDonald's butts sms iphone - 6927653632
By freshbru

Aggressive Advertising

McDonald's burger king - 7885061120
By Unknown
McDonald's - 58274305

This McDonalds Worker Sounds Just Like a Robot

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McDonald's Macbook pro - 51290881

New Mac Announced

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Uncel Dolan, is Yu?

IRL McDonald's sign - 6288946944
By Unknown

The Golden Fat Rolls

McDonald's weight - 6441370624
By PetePete

Sentimentality Ruined


It's Under 9000?

Cleverbot IQ McDonald's - 4284783616
By Unknown

Careful, Apple Pies Are Hot and May Burn You

McDonald's - 8295256320

For a Limited Time Only

McDonald's crap - 7431774720
By Unknown

I'm Still Lovin' It

fast food food IRL McDonald's - 4725367296
By Unknown