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McDonalds, America's favorite fast food joint. If you are a Ronald fan, you won't leave disappointed.

Careful, Apple Pies Are Hot and May Burn You

McDonald's - 8295256320

Highbrow Humor

McDonald's fast food sausage - 7376863744
By Unknown

Oh My...

McDonald's - 8242698752

End the Discrimination!

McDonald's burgers - 7995468800
By Unknown

Your Move, Subway

McDonald's Subway - 8262350592

He Can Grimace No More

fast food IRL kids McDonald's - 4725349120
By Unknown
bride China McDonald's troll wedding - 1341701

Fast Food, Fast Life: Groomsmen Troll Bride and Dress Up as McDonald's Food for an Absurd Wedding Procession

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I'm Still Lovin' It

fast food food IRL McDonald's - 4725367296
By Unknown

You Guys Can Go McF*** Yourselves

McDonald's diets parenting burgers - 7845999104
Via Reddit

Officer, I Was Speeding Because I Was Starving!

funny memes speeding mcdonalds ticket
Via google

Classic: Mourn With an Ice Cold Coke and a Whopper!

burger king IRL McDonald's rip sign - 6294987008
By Lily_Twinkle
FAIL the internets McDonald's social media burgers - 870405

McDonald's Asked People to Invent Their Own Burgers Because Apparently They've Never Been on the Internet Before

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Introducing The Decappy Meal!

McDonald's - 8038454016
By Unknown
McDonald's prank calls - 75213313

These Two McDonalds Employees Took the Classic Three-Way Call Prank Really Well

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food Netherlands McDonald's Video - 65458433

Two Dutch Guys Go to a Food Connoisseur's Convention and Serve Their "New, Organic, Alternative Cuisine" to a Bunch of Experts. The Catch? It's Actually McDonalds Food.

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McDonald's - 58274305

This McDonalds Worker Sounds Just Like a Robot

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