Art of Trolling


A Simile Employs Like or As

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By impliedbunnies

A Warm and Lovely Sock

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By What a Beauty

I Love Dead People

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By Unknown

Not If You Spend All Your Time on Omegle

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By ultimatum020

I'm Colorblind and Why Is This Funny?

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By SheepGuesser

Hanz and Franz

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By Unknown


image maps love Ok....
Via qwert1225

"It's Gross" is Eight Letters Too

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By The_Deek

I Love Banjo-Kazooie Too!

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By Aidan_Storm

The Pinnacle of Maturity

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By Unknown

God's Unyielding Love

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By brian0424

He's Right

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By Unknown

No Joke

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By bullring (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)


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By Unknown

My Love's All Sticky

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By sdps4life


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By Unknown