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Punctuation is so mainstream

facebook friends hate hipsters love mainstream punctuation - 4427601408
By Vrrtep
trolltube relationships love Video dating Valentines day - 68645121

This is Why You're Scared of Saying Hi to That Attractive Stranger

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By Unknown

A Simile Employs Like or As

facebook hate love opposites - 5395693824
By impliedbunnies

Love at First Sight

Via Pollywambus
chatroulette love proposal song Video - 16734721

What You Never Find on ChatRoulette

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Hide Your Love Away

Death love Omegle - 4355611648
By EastonB

I Love Banjo-Kazooie Too!

abbreviations facebook love - 6041420544
By Aidan_Storm
amazing bird cat IRL love nap Video - 22092289

WOOP! Trololololo

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A Warm and Lovely Sock

facebook love relationships - 6092459776
By What a Beauty

The Pinnacle of Maturity

hate Blood maturity ice love - 4711134976
By Unknown

Love Has Many Secrets

lies white love funny black dating - 8212267264
Via Hallucino JER

He Really Likes the New Facebook Layout

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By Unknown
twitter list siblings text parenting love - 1167365

A Girl's Sweet Interaction With Her Little Brother Led to Many Others Sharing Stories of How Their Siblings Show Love

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What's Love Got to Do With It?

Haddaway love Yahoo Answer Fails - 5267548416
By Unknown

I'm Colorblind and Why Is This Funny?

colorblind heart IRL love secrets - 4441263104
By SheepGuesser
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