Art of Trolling


Toe the line. Keep on the straight and narrow. Whatever you do, just don't cross it. We don't know what will happen, but everyone keeps saying it. So try to keep yourself going like an arrow with these straight-laced jokes and puns.

Forget the Circle of Life

the lion king Movie line - 7018752256
By Unknown

Read the First Letter of Every Line

letters line the game u mad wikipedia - 4401991680
By KillerHoggle

Work Smarter, Not Harder

line maze truancy story - 6528329728
By Unknown

"Smarter" being the operative word

draw line maze re-frames - 6572879872
Via Cheezburger

What's the Diameter of the Circle of Life?

funny memes line king

This Line Takes Forever!

shoppers beware mannequin line idiots - 6816662784
By NickG123098