Art of Trolling


Doing a number on that keyboard. Jamming and typing and playing away, whatever you use it for, the keyboard will provide.

Wait, It Melts?!

gross keyboard man mayo Yahoo Answer Fails - 4941793280
By willaf


IRL keyboard u mad - 5706661632
Via imgur


D f keyboard letters typing - 4080137728
By Unknown


blindness blurry hairy keyboard masturbation - 4060967680
By Unknown

IRL Troll: Problem Co-Worker?

IRL keyboard lost the game - 4691646464
By cragglemchamer

Classic: For All Your Seedy Typing

Growing IRL keyboard - 5122917376
By maxystone

Keyboard Trekkin'

computers IRL keyboard space - 6213135360
By Unknown

Someone did this in science class

school u mad bro keyboard - 7377747712
By Mr._Nobby_Nobb (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Where Did You Get All of Those L's and O's?

computers IRL keyboard trololo - 5856311808
By el.carl2

Never Away From Keyboard

keyboard relationships shift Yahoo Answer Fails - 5628480000
By gooey_kablooie

Problem QWERTY?

IRL keyboard keys problem - 4728429568
By Coostard

Never Gonna Pay Your Wage

check IRL keyboard rick roll - 5764605440
By Unknown

I Had Already Spent It In My Mind

IRL keyboard money - 5680565504
By KaiDerpina

Stephenie Must Have a Bruised Forehead

keyboard Omegle spymode twilight - 5785278208
By brohaw

Which One Goes Left?

computers IRL keyboard - 4466277120
By Unknown

Classic: Lemme Check

keyboard Omegle - 5163570432
By Juan Pablo
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