Art of Trolling


Jesus is a figure in ancient history that is the focal point of one of the largest religions in the world. So it's natural tat any number of jokes and memes come out of a being so famous and well-known. From RaptorJesus to classic memes, there's something for everyone for the father of Christianity.

Daddy Issues

daddy god hate jesus weight loss working out Yahoo Answer Fails - 4349938688

I Feel Like I Got Trolled by Jesus

jesus judgment day RAPTURE - 4801967872

Well, That's a Heck of an Endorsement

ads jesus signs Well, That's a Heck of an Endorsement
Via RealStevePrefontaine

Our Lord and Savior Wont Save Your Grade

IRL jesus test - 5335430144

Photobomb Level: Jesus

jesus photobomb jesus christ - 8487210496
Created by DaveLukewski

Proof of Evolution

evolution god IRL jesus proof stain toast - 4545656320
Created by SmartAssAtheist

Wrong Prophet, Cassandra

jesus prophet questions self referential Yahoo Answer Fails - 4466701824

Can You?

jesus cinnamon toast crunch facebook - 6793614080
Created by Mista_J

Spoiler Alert

jesus religion spoilers the bible zombie - 4177003776

He is Definitely Risen!

jesus christians - 6724494848
Created by Trolloid


advice drowning jesus - 3953344512

Lest You Forget This Holiday is Not About Bunnies

jesus hand easter cookies
Via ChopaCopter

Science makes more sense!

facebook health jesus science - 6382478080
Created by Ram2.0

I Promise Not to Turn Around and Hurt You

christian mingle jesus ouch - 5776193536
Created by JesusGotNailedAndSoCanYou

All Knowing

jesus lord Lord of the Rings religion sauron - 4081097728
Created by SCN

The Road is Safe to Cross Again

jesus satan crosswalk - 5310674688
Created by abiwood