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Neighbors Won't Turn Down Heating Unit, They Pay The Price

This isn't the first time that we've seen some neighbors end up acting like inconsiderate human beings, and we're certain that it won't be the last. You just never really know if you're going to end up living next to a waking nightmare or not. Or, if you don't end up with some terrible neighbors, maybe you'll end up having to deal with a lousy landlord. From there, the ball can end up being in your court, and it's your decision whether or not it's time for the pro revenge. 

Nasty neighbors won't be considerate of neighbor over a heater situation, so a pro revenge takes place. | r/ProRevenge Join u/VloekenenVentileren 2h 1 2 1 e2 S 1 1 Don't wanna turn down heating unit make sure start day freezing cold. So this story takes place only few weeks ago live on first floor cornerbuilding and ground floor this building is general commercial unit had been vacant about year changed december 2020. At point national post service rented out building as temporary place where me
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