Art of Trolling


guns what a twist vine - 60884993


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Close Enough!

guns musical instruments - 6849094656
By Unknown

Pickpockets Beware!

guns pickpockets - 8302465792
By anselmbe

Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

guns IRL shooting sign - 6223968512
By L

Just Sayin'

guns - 8234173440

Moving Up the Pecking Order

guns parenting youtube - 6561662208
By cwdanger101

America vs Canada, in a Nutshell

america vs canada most likely place to get shot
Via Gtx780ti

Bah Gawd, He's Been Shot!

guns gifs - 8522393088
By tamaleknight

Thank God for the Guns

guns insects IRL test truancy story - 6066586624
By jtarw23

Surely That's His Least Favorite

jesus guns - 8602158848
Via GOPTeens

Classic: Can't Tell If Trolling or Really Messed Up

flash guns IRL smile - 5114134784
By catasaurus84

Watch Out TSA

guns Omegle TSA - 4310449152
By Unknown

Bringing a Stick to a Gunfight

guns weapons americana - 7541241088
By Unknown
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