Art of Trolling


America vs Canada, in a Nutshell

america vs canada most likely place to get shot
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Close Enough!

guns musical instruments - 6849094656
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guns what a twist vine - 60884993


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Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

guns IRL shooting sign - 6223968512
Created by L

Trolling on Cheezeburger

guns alphabet banned - 7129500416
Created by Larfleeze
guns prank Video shooting - 73671169

Quite Possibly the Cruelest Prank Anyone Could Pull

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Resurrekted Three Days Later

guns americana DIY Video - 83975937

This Guy Shredding on a Working Shotgun Guitar Might Be the Most 'Murican Thing You See All Day

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Is Very Nuce Wepon, Yes

russia guns - 8398091264

Just Sayin'

guns - 8234173440

Rebagged: Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Beat!

guns instruments - 7818096896
Created by TheTundraTerror


guns Protest picketing - 8388262144
Created by anselmbe

What a steal!

guns rock ebay - 6961527808
Created by PhoenixGenevieve

You Would Definitely Beat Stranger In a Gun Fight

asl guns Omegle - 5534767616
Created by Thackk

Please and Thank You

guns - 8433412096

Classic: Can't Tell If Trolling or Really Messed Up

flash guns IRL smile - 5114134784
Created by catasaurus84
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