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Respecting the cops...

cops grammar police respect smoking weed Yahoo Answer Fails - 4483990016
Created by Frodown

Yahoo Answers: Check My Grammatical

Funny Yahoo Answers fail for someone who asks 'to check my grammatical'
Created by UrSoFunee

Got Caught Doing What With Her Parents?

engrish FAIL grammar spelling Yahoo Answer Fails - 4786038528
Created by 10101010

When Posting Stupid Statuses, Never Check Your Grammar

facebook grammar your youre - 6257835264
Created by Elf0070

Grammar > Racism

racism grammar facebook - 6676705280
Created by Droopah1

It Sure Is

grammar stupid twitter - 6578524416
Created by Evan_Raz


FAIL grammar Omegle smart spelling spymode - 5081380608
Created by Mister_Pig

Webster Is Disappoint.

FAIL grammar spelling - 5174611456
Created by Halman

I Mean Not

annoying grammar spelling - 5047551488

Wonder How He Feels About Losing Now

image grammar spelling Wonder How He Feels About Losing Now
Via @JoePerticone


grammar pot yahoo answers - 6736937728
Created by snoogan850

Yeah Well, UR Face

Cleverbot girl grammar what your youre - 4982445056
Created by SocialDemocracy

Do a Well Job of Writing With These Easy Tips

grammar writing tips - 7920240128

Depends, Do You Only Mean One Friend?

facebook grammar spelling status - 5998364160
Created by MadisonW

Common, Like NE1 Cares on Facebook

annoying facebook grammar grammar nazi - 4968850688
Created by ReWind

Grammar Lessons Hit Hard These Days

grammar commas - 8312565248
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