Art of Trolling


They Completely Their Whole Personalities

accidentally the whole grammar Mormon Chat personality - 5764776960
Created by illyavk96

You talk like that and you reproduced?

comments grammar spelling youtube - 6578909440
Created by harlequinzombie

Grammar Fail

grammar funny - 7433038592
Created by Unknown

I Accidentally the Whole Verb

grammar IRL - 5184562944
Created by Tommo!

Let's Start With You

grammar facebook - 8391994880

I Never Said I Was an English Major

binary facebook grammar - 6346793472

Glad Cleverbot Doesn't Have Hands

grammar Cleverbot slap - 4287585792
Created by CaeruleanXII

Thar be a Spelling Error!

grammar spelling youtube - 6456054528
Created by spontaneuos

How to Give the Grammar Police a Heart Attack

grammar - 8219719936

I See What You Fixed There

facebook grammar spelling - 6395291648
Created by Unknown

Spelling Counts Too, You Know

are you kidding me facebook grammar spelling - 6468696576

You're Also Doing It Wrong

facebook FAIL grammar spelling - 5390714880
Created by Manofaction2

Yeah Well, UR Face

Cleverbot girl grammar what your youre - 4982445056
Created by SocialDemocracy

I Mean Not

annoying grammar spelling - 5047551488

Grammar Lessons Hit Hard These Days

grammar commas - 8147360768

When You Pull the Last Straw on the Dude That Was Already Pissed at the World

Via BroBible
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