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You're Also Doing It Wrong

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By Manofaction2


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By snoogan850

My guess is that they used books

Yahoo answers question on how did the Chinese READ to LEARN? A funny choice of words to have screwed up in the question.
By Unknown

Common, Like NE1 Cares on Facebook

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By ReWind

Ur Gonna Haf uh Bebeh

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By Eeik5150 (Via

I Like a Man Who Can Follow Directions

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By JoshBails

Grammar Gets Me Hot

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By TheMeagan

Punctuation Helps Too

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By Unknown

Depends, Do You Only Mean One Friend?

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By MadisonW

Let's Start With You

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By Unknown

You talk like that and you reproduced?

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By harlequinzombie

Their Never Right About There Suggestions

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By Liberty23

Respecting the cops...

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By Frodown

Glad Cleverbot Doesn't Have Hands

grammar Cleverbot slap - 4287585792
By CaeruleanXII


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By reaperman1982
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