Art of Trolling


0/10 Would Not Even Look at Again

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By Unknown

If You Can't Even Write the Most Correctest of Statuses

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By Unknown


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Vote Page Wars

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By RandomUsernameBluh

Their Never Right About There Suggestions

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By Liberty23

La Fail

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By disco_stu70s

Respecting the cops...

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Depends, Do You Only Mean One Friend?

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They Completely Their Whole Personalities

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It's Trying, But You Should Try It

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Commas, Please Use Them

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I Accidentally the Whole Verb

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U Good at Laptop, I Good at Grammar

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By @SmarkRemark

Nobody Are Asking Four Perfecshun

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By The_Deek_Abides

Passive-Aggressive Voice?

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By jc2581


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