Art of Trolling

freddie mercury

Sing it loud and proud Freddie Mercury. If you are a Queen, or just love the historic rock band, you will be rocking your socks off with these hilarious Freddie puns.

I'm Just a Poor Boy...

queen freddie mercury bohemian rhapsody - 7403515392
By Unknown

Re-Trolled: Feels Bad, Man

freddie mercury positive what does the internet think - 5969886720
By theduffman1986

F Yeah Freddie

f yeah freddie freddie mercury what does the internet think - 5939438080
By jakevdl

More Manly Too

freddie mercury homosecks justin bieber youtube - 6162178304
By matt.pirani

Queen of the Elements!

freddie mercury puns science - 6740681472
By Unknown

Well, he has a point.

freddie mercury comments alive - 6816271616